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First quality flotation system:
The 3 Frontiers Versatile Docks sell pontoons, floating docks, floating terraces and pontoon docks to owners of waterfront properties as well as commercial and industrial sector.

Fulfill your dreams.

If you are as passionnate about your waterfront properties as we are: then read the following:

The 3 Frontiers Versatile Docks specializes in the flotation domain. We built floaters for the manufacturing of floating docks, dock pontoons, floating terraces, swimming platform and house boats. We also sell galvanized accessories for the construction of docks, such as galvanized corners, glavanized plates, galvanized  hex lag screws, glavanized hex bolts, nuts,washers, pressure treated wood screws,galvanized eye bolts,galvanized strap hinge, etc.

In fact, we are interested in every project that needs flotation - be it residential, commercial or industrial. 

The 3 Frontiers Versatile Docks manufacture floating docks, dock pontoons or any type of floating projects according to your needs and specifications.We will install in the most challenging locations and we are not finished until you are satisfied!

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Telephone: (506) 258-1127
Cellular    : (506) 739-3606

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